Our Story

Welcome to Barnaby's, a heartfelt tale that began in 1997, weaving together 

the love for family, sports, fantastic dining experiences, and the warm 

embrace of a family-friendly environment. With three thriving locations in 

Havertown, Aston, and West Chester, spanning across two vibrant counties, 

Delaware and Chester, Barnaby's has become a cherished haven for our 


Our passion for our customers is the cornerstone of our story. From the 

inviting ambiance of Havertown to the historic charm of Aston and West 

Chester, each location is a testament to our commitment to providing not 

just a meal but a memorable, family-friendly experience. Our beautiful Aston 

and West Chester establishments, housed in historic buildings, add a touch 

of nostalgia to the vibrant present.

At Barnaby's, we're not just about the food – we're about fostering a sense of

community. Our love for sports is evident in every corner, with multiple 

screens broadcasting the excitement of the game. Join us for the thrill of 

victory or the camaraderie of shared defeats, and you'll discover that we're 

more than a sports bar; we're a gathering place for fans to celebrate 

together. Occasionally, the cheers of the crowd give way to the rhythm of 

live music, adding another layer of entertainment to the Barnaby's 


For those seeking to elevate their gatherings, all three of our locations offer 

the ability to book private events, complete with private rooms. Whether it's 

a family celebration, corporate event, or a gathering of friends, Barnaby's 

provides a welcoming and customizable space for your special occasions.

Our story is not just about our past but also about the future we continue to 

build with each valued customer, each cheering fan, and each note of live 

music. At Barnaby's, we invite you to savor the passion in our dishes, feel the

energy of the game, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that 

unites us all. Join us as we celebrate the intersection of family, sports, and 

community at Barnaby's – where every visit is an opportunity to create 

lasting memories in a family-friendly setting